Frequently Asked Questions

Who made Input?

Me, Matt Healy. Input is a hobby project that I originally built for myself, which eventually grew into something that I thought other people would use. I spend most of my time having fun working as a product designer at Foursquare, where I work on designing the best app for local search and recommendations.

Does this have anything to do with Foursquare?

No, Input is a personal project. That said, it has been a great way to learn and hone skills that are useful in my job at Foursquare.

Why did you make Input?

I built Input so I could spend less time looking at my phone when it counts. A lot of the time I spend using my phone is on consuming things: reading, watching, listening, etc. In those cases, I’m not in a hurry. When I want to create something though, it’s often at a time where I want to get in and out fast. Input is designed to make it as fast as possible to capture information and take actions in lots of different apps, with a consistent and minimal interface.

Does Input cost money?

Input is a free download. To try it out, you can connect 2 services for free. After that, an in-app purchase is available to add 3 more services for $1.99.

What's next for Input?

Now that Input has launched, I’m excited to expand the number of services available for it. If you have any requests, send them my way!